100% Organic Cotton Panty Liners - Pack of 30

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We understand the needs of the modern-day woman who is always on the go, perfecting a thousand things with her powerful body. We've created our liners to ensure that her body feels clean, confident, & comfortable every single day. Whether it's discharge, unexpected period leaks, or light incontinence, Queen's Box liners have got you covered. Made with 100% ORGANIC Cotton top sheet, Queen's Box Panty liners are extremely soft and ensure a rash-free experience. They ensure that no harsh chemicals or synthetics, harm Your body.

Perfect Size -

  • 150 mm Perfect Size Your Your Perfect Fit & comfort
  • Antimicrobial
  • Curved Shape
  • Cotton  Soft


Why Should You Use Panty Liuners - 

  • Smaller and thinner than sanitary pads.
  • Be prepared before your period. whenever it come.
  • For spotting and the last days of your period.
  • Absorbs Vaginal Discharge for regular use