Queen's Box 100% Organic - 16 Pads Box + 4 Panty Liners

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This Period Box Contain
  • Pads of your choices and size, sanitary pads made of non-woven fabric and cotton with a super-absorbent core.
  • Rash free: No printed design or perfumed on the top layer to avoid rashes and allergy.
  • Leakage Proof: Wider backs for better coverage and Unwanted leaks.
  • Easy Disposal: Disposal cover provided for each individual pad.
  • Regular - 280 mm / XL - 320 mm
  • 15 Pads Box + 5 Panty Liners


Made with the goodness of Cotton, Queen’s pads are completely natural, made without the use of any harmful synthetics or chemicals. Not only do they keep your body safe but also prevent any damage to the environment.

  • Natural Derived

          Made From Organic Cotton

  • Rash Resistant

           Extremely Soft Cottony Top Layer

  • Eco Friendly

           Biodegradable Pads, Wrappers & Disposable Bag






The top-sheet of Queen’s pads is made of cotton. This makes the pads remarkably gentle, irritation-free, & soft on the body.


The absorbent core of Queen’s pads is made of biodegradable polymer. Naturally absorbent, anti-bacterial, & odor-resistant.


Forget worrying about extra polythene bags or tissue papers for disposal. Each Queen’s pad comes with a disposal bag, for the convenient disposal of your pad after use. These bags are completely biodegradable, and ensure that your periods do not contribute to the wounds of Mother Earth.




Unlike conventional pads that do not degrade, thus contributing to thousands of tonnes of waste, our pads and disposal bags are completely biodegradable. Thus, your decision of choosing Queen’s box protects the future of the planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Most comfortable and rashfree sanitary napkin.

Most comfortable and rashfree sanitary napkin. Graet product to use. Must purchase

Supportive staff and best pads

They have best supportive staff even in lockdown they helped me with my order. I must say first when i purchase queens box pads i thought it may be like other pads but they are not . They are super comfortable and soft i must say great work by queensbox sanitary pads. All girls must try there pads if you also face rashes and irritation from your old pafs

No more period smell

Queens pads is my first preference when it comes to sanitary pads.This pad is smooth and locks the unpleasant smell.During travel I prefer long size pads which can lock heavy flow easily so queens satisfy my that need too.It is soft and thin.The offers some free panty liners which is too good for those lighter spots .
I would like to recommend this product to everyone and happy periods

Best Deal for an amazing Organic Product

Whenever I am on the lookout for sanitary pads,

Queens box pads is the name that first comes to mind. This latest offering by Queens is just as lovely. The pads are long and wide, thanks to which you do not have to worry about leakage or stains. They are thin and light, very comfortable to wear. The absorbency is really, really good - you can use these in those days of heavy flow, and for all about it. These pads also come with an individual disposable bags so you don't have to find paper evertime .At INR 400 for 30 pads, this pack is value for money. This is purely my personal opinion. Opinions and comforts vary from person to person.I use queens pad since 1 year.I love all their stuff. Coming to this, delivery was quick and packaging was neat.For people who have Normal to slightly heavy flow, you can try this. No period smell, and no rashes are seen after usage (atleast in my case). Thank you Queens box organic sanitary pads for giving such a great product

they have done a great job by introducing the organic pads

I am glad to let other know that they have done a great job by introducing the organic pads. The products are really good and upto the mark . They serve you anytime and asap to clear the queries..let it be the minor ones !!!!!
I’ve given them some suggetions for the betterment of product and i hope they will see to it and find an alternative against that !!!!
Thankuhh so much guys… U’ve done a great job!!!!
Carry on and keep serving the queens…lots of love for you all !!!!!!!!! Good going !!!!!! ????????????????♥️