Queen's Box 100% Organic - 16 Pads Box + 4 Panty Liners(Free)

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This Period Box Contain
  • Pads of your choices and size, sanitary pads made of non-woven fabric and cotton with a super-absorbent core.
  • Rash free: No printed design or perfumed on the top layer to avoid rashes and allergy.
  • Leakage Proof: Wider backs for better coverage and Unwanted leaks.
  • Easy Disposal: Disposal cover provided for each individual pad.
  • Regular - 280 mm / XL - 320 mm
  • 15 Pads Box + 5 Panty Liners


Made with the goodness of Cotton, Queen’s pads are completely natural, made without the use of any harmful synthetics or chemicals. Not only do they keep your body safe but also prevent any damage to the environment.

  • Natural Derived

          Made From Organic Cotton

  • Rash Resistant

           Extremely Soft Cottony Top Layer

  • Eco Friendly

           Biodegradable Pads, Wrappers & Disposable Bag






The top-sheet of Queen’s pads is made of cotton. This makes the pads remarkably gentle, irritation-free, & soft on the body.


The absorbent core of Queen’s pads is made of biodegradable polymer. Naturally absorbent, anti-bacterial, & odor-resistant.


Forget worrying about extra polythene bags or tissue papers for disposal. Each Queen’s pad comes with a disposal bag, for the convenient disposal of your pad after use. These bags are completely biodegradable, and ensure that your periods do not contribute to the wounds of Mother Earth.




Unlike conventional pads that do not degrade, thus contributing to thousands of tonnes of waste, our pads and disposal bags are completely biodegradable. Thus, your decision of choosing Queen’s box protects the future of the planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ishika Mahajan
Best rash free pads ever

i am suffering from sanitary pad rashes for so long and one day i saw queens box pads on insta and then i ordered the 16 pads box and wow the packing is soo cool and every pad is in individual envelope and the quality of pad is just amazing its rash free comfortable and absorb good during heavy flow i recommend everyone try queens box pads you will love them

Aditi Saxena
Wonderful product at good price

Queens box have womderful pads at such a good price even they provide all pads in disposavke bag which is too good to use and the quality is outstanding no rashes at all and super comfortable i have ordered 3-4 times till now and the delivery is also super fast keep it up team

Farhana Ismail
Xl pads

First of all packing was so good. Pads were very soft. There is no irritating and itching. Really loved this pads very much.. I'm very comfortable in my periods.

Sarita parihar
My friend suggested me queens box pads. They are amazing!

I suffer a lot from sanitary pad rashes till starting from my periods and one day my friend suggested me to try queens box pads because she is using them from almost a year and they are super comfortable and rash free. I ordered on queens box website and the delivery is too good with all back end support and when the box is delivered i got a joining note from queens box and the pads are too good packed in envelopes and the quality is too good. I must say the best pads i ever used i ave trued many pads but they all cause rashes but queens box pads are super comfortable and rash free. I am your permanent customer now. Thank you!

Pragya Verma
loving using queensbox sanitary pads

I am using queensbox pads from couple of months the best part i like about queen pads is they are super soft and comfortable. i have also used other company pads but they are not good in quality like they don't stick properly but queens box pads are super good quality with best glue to get stick properly. Thank you for making such a good quality pads. hope you grow more and more.