• which material is used in QUEEN’S PADS

Queen’s Pads have been made using superior natural ingredients, without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetics. The top layer is made of soft cottony layer. Queen’s Pads provides on irritation free experience while the multi-layered designed provides great absorption, keeping the surface dry.

  • How often do i change QUEEN’S PADS

Like any other sanitary pads, Queen’s pad is advised to be changed in every 6 hours to maintain proper hygiene & comfort.

  • How do Queen’s Pads help reduce irritation & rashes

Apart from the top layer that helps reduce irritation & rashes, Our pads do not have a artificial fragrance or printed top layer, Unlike other products available in the market. This helps prevent harmful chemicals and dye coming into direct contact with skin.

  • What are the two length Queen’s Pads OFFERS ?

Queen’s Box provides two variant of pads – The Regular-size pad is 290 mm length & The Night (XL) size pad is 315 mm in length.

  • Why should i use a biodegradable Sanitary Pads

A women use 7500 sanitary pads in her life time. Traditional sanitary pads are made of synthetic material and lined with many harmful chemicals. vaginal skin is one of the most delicate areas of the body, And such a long exposure to harmful Synthetics & Chemicals can cause irritation , rashes and other harmful health complication as well. That’s why a natural choice is safe for your body and environment. 

  • How do i dispose my Pad After use.

Each Queen’s Pad comes in a specially designed disposable bag. After use, Place the pad into the disposable bag, and throw it into a bin.

  • How to order a Queen’s Box

Ordering your Queen’s Box is very simple, You can buy as per your wish with our customizable period box OR get the paramount experience by subscribing to us.

  • How to subscribe 

It’s pretty easy!

Step 1 – Open Queen’s Box website.

Step 2 – Go to our subscription option.

Step 3 – Choose your perfect plan.

Step 4 – Select your quantity of pads.

Step 5 – Select your subscription duration & continue to filling your shipping details.

Step 6 – Pay using secured payment gateway & sit back and RELAX! 

  • How does the subscription work

Once you subscribed to Queen’s pads box, you have to pay once, and your product will be dispatched and shipped automatically.

Ever transaction is secured by payment gateway, And subscription can be cancelled anytime by e-mailing us at [email protected]

  • How to cancel my subscription ?

It’s very easy and quick! just E- Mail ‘Cancel Subscription’ at [email protected] . That’s it! It’s done. 

After you cancel your subscription, your left amount will be refunded to your bank account. 

Note: If a shipment under your subscription has already been dispatched, it cannot be cancelled. 

  • How do i log in to my Queen’s Box Account ?

Click on the Account Icon, on the top right. If you are already registered with QUEEN’S BOX, then log in to your account by feeding in your email. 

If you are not a registered user, click on Register. Then, get your account registered using  your email id. 

  • When will be my product get delivered ?

Your order will be delivered as per the estimate delivery date provided by our delivery partner. If YOU are a subscriber, your period box get delivered in every 25 days of interval.

  • Do you charge for shipping ?

NO shipping is absolutely FREE.

  • What should i do if i find that the product is damaged during delivery?

we have take sufficient care to ensure that your period box is delivered to you without any damages. However, If you do receive your delivery in a damaged condition Please drop an E-Mail at [email protected] along with the pictures of the damaged product. We will replace the product in 6-8 working days after verifying the damage.

NOTE Any replacement request for damaged goods should be sent to us within 24 Hours of receiving the order.